What is a Life Group leader?

Qualifications and Job Descriptions

General Qualifications

1. DEVOTED to God

  • Is your life marked by devotion to God?
  • Do your character, discipline, and obedience match this devotion?
  • Is there fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control) evident in your life?

2. POSITIVE Attitude

  • Is your life marked by joy that is rooted in your trust in Christ?
  • Are you optimistic about the Olive Drive Church vision for Life Groups?
  • Do you get along with other people?


  • Do you have a teachable spirit?
  • Do you desire to grow in your spiritual life?
  • Are you excited about developing your leadership skills?

4. FLEXIBLE Schedule

  • Do you have multiple times each week that you would be available to meet?
  • Are you able to be in town one Sunday afternoon each month for the LGL meeting?
  • Are you willing to make last minute changes in your schedule to accommodate other group members?

5. PASSIONATE about People

  • Do you draw energy from investing in relationships?
  • Are you serious about wanting to fulfill the vision found in 2Tim. 2:2?

Specific Qualifications

1. Must be AVAILABLE

  • Minimum of 1 meeting with group every other week (ideally 1 meeting every week).
  • Mandatory Life Group Leadership meeting every month.

2. Must be a MEMBER

  • Life Group Leaders can be in the process of finishing the Starting Point Class.
  • Apprentice Leaders do not have to be a member as long as they are planning on attending a Starting Point class in the near future.

3. Must be COACHED

  • The coach must be an official ODC coach.
  • That means an additional meeting with your coach at least once a month (ideally every other week)
  • Life Group Leaders can be coaches but don’t have to be.

4. Must be APPROVED

  • By ODC Discipleship leadership

Position Descriptions:

Life Group Leader:

Necessary Skills:

Basic discipleship skills, discussion facilitating, good listener, caring for group members including new people, delegating responsibility, conflict resolution, comfortable discussing difficult subjects, ability to go get answers to hard questions.

Basic Job Description:

  • Initiate relationships with 3-10 potential group members through Connecting Events, Connecting Points, Group Links, etc.
  • Organize meetings, get togethers, night outs, etc. so that your group is consistently meeting together. Make phone calls, shoot out emails, coordinate meeting places, etc.
  • Facilitate the times together with your group. Be prepared in advance for Bible studies, discussions, accountability time, etc.
  • Lead the group in formal times together, and informal times as well. Model Christ to them with your life.
  • Train apprentice leader(s)

Initiate, Organize, Facilitate, and Lead Life Group meetings for a group of 3-10 people on a regular basis (preferably every week). Delegate Life Group responsibilities to people in the group. Meet with coach on a regular basis (ideally every other week). Seek to grow as a leader by attending LGL meetings and equipping classes for leaders. Encourage membership and participation in Starting Point Class. Disciple, train, and help equip apprentice leader.

Length of Commitment:

Minimum of 9-12 months.

(Ideally, we would like groups to meet 12-18 months developing 1-2 apprentice leaders in this time, but because every group is different, some of the time tables will be shorter or longer depending on the needs of the group)

Apprentice Leader:

Necessary Skills:

Good learner, willingness to grow and be challenged, growing ability to facilitate discussion, growing listening skills

Basic Job Description:

  • L earn Life Group leadership skills from your leader
  • B e willing to be challenged to grow in your spiritual life
  • Facilitate meetings and discussions when asked by the leader
  • S erve willingly any of the needs the leader or the group has

Apprentice leaders will be trained by the Life Group leader to learn how to lead a Life Group. Ideally, apprentice leaders will become the next wave of Life Group leaders so that the ministry might expand to better accomplish our mission. By the end of the training, apprentice leaders should be equipped and prepared to take on the role of ODC Life Group Leader.

Length of Commitment:

Minimum of 12-15 months

(3 months of apprentice plus minimum of 9 months to lead group)

For more information contact:

Bill Magsig, Pastor of Discipleship