Vietnam Mission Trip

Joshua Kirstine, Rob Barber, Scott Waterman

Dear Friends,

We are writing to tell you about an incredible opportunity that we have been given to travel to Vietnam.  On November 4th we will depart on an eight day trip to Vietnam with the opportunity to serve some of the neediest people in the region with the power of the Gospel.  Joshua Kirstine has a long time ministry mentor named Jerry Huson, who has assembled a small team of Christian leaders to join him.

Jerry has made some incredible contacts in Vietnam that make it possible for our team to access some of the most marginalized people groups of the region. While we are there, we will distribute wheelchairs and minster to a leper village on the outskirts of Saigon.  Within Saigon, we will minister to a hospital where we will have the opportunity to provide Christ-centered and financial support for those who are blind with glaucoma.  Additionally, we will head to Hue province outside of Da Nang and feed and care for the needy in some of the most poverty stricken villages in the area.  Part of the support we are raising helps pay for wheelchairs and eye surgeries.  We are overwhelmed at the prospect of getting to be a part of meeting such practical and life changing needs as we bring the life transforming Gospel to those we interact with.

We will also visit areas around Da Nang where Vietnam War fighting was particularly intense, including Hue province, Camp Eagle, and Marble Mountain.  A few of the members of our team are Vietnam veterans.  They will return to specific areas that have marred their memory with death and destruction.  Our goal is to witness how the Gospel is healing and restoring all things that were once broken, including the hurts still carried by war veterans and the scars of the Vietnamese people so adversely impacted by war.  In all of these interactions, I cannot begin to imagine the depth of restoration we will witness by the power of Jesus Christ.

The remainder of our time will be spent sharing, praying and studying together as a team with the goal of experiencing Christ and deepening our walk with Him in preparation for our return to the States.  The wealth of a trip like this will mean innumerable blessings for our church and community.  Our hope is to translate this life changing experience through discipleship and mentoring.   By being Christ’s hands and feet, we desire to be the church, love others, and sacrificially serve our local community.

Things are moving fast and this trip is approaching quickly. We are privileged that we are able to include a total of three leaders from Olive Drive Church to be a part this select team and amazing effort.

This is where you come in – as you consider partnering with us, there are two important ways that you can be a part of what our team will be doing in Vietnam:

  • The first is by committing to frequent prayer for us before and during this trip. There are many aspects of this trip that will mean political, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Your prayers are an essential part of the body of Christ rallying around our team to truly be used by God for the eternal victories he has in store.
  • The other way you can support us is by providing financial support. It will cost a total of $8,700 for all three of us from Olive Drive Church to go. This covers airfare, transportation, translator services, food, accommodations, visa, insurance, wheelchairs and surgeries we will be providing for those we minster to.

If you want to help financially, please click on the button at the bottom of this page.  All donations are tax deductible. Your financial support helps make it possible for us to go and is a tangible way you are an extension of our team as we go love others in Christ’s name.    We are only 90 days from the trip and there are still so many arrangements to be made.  The sooner we are able to reach our full support the better.

Thank you so much for your time, prayers and consideration in helping us make this trip a possibility.  We look forward to sharing with you all that God does in and through us in Vietnam.

– Joshua Kirstine, Rob Barber & Scott Waterman

For more information about the organization we will be traveling with, please visit: 7 Day Hero