Pastor Sasha – Russia Mission, Russia

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, scores of US based and international Christian mission agencies have sent thousands of short-term volunteers to Russia. The underlying rationale for these and other efforts has been multifaceted: to meet spiritual and physical needs of the people, to develop and strengthen local churches, and to promote peace and understanding. However, long-term results have been meager due to language and cultural differences. Subsequent growth is coming from a new generation of indigenous evangelical movements – such as Russian Missions. Russian Missions’ philosophy is to use Russian people in the ministry. Rather than send Americans abroad in the traditional manner, Russian Missions sends financial, managerial and educational assistance to indigenous Russian missionaries as well as selected local Christian leaders. Christians from America mentor, equip and give financial support while local Russian missionaries evangelize their own people. Today, fully 90% of pioneer missionary work among unreached people is being done by indigenous missionaries who are nearby neighbors of those being reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.