XI. Lead Pastor Job Description

Title of Position:

Lead Pastor



Employee Classification:

Pastoral – Exempt – Salary

Reports to:

The Current Board of Elders

Overall Responsibility:

To shepherd, manage and lead Olive Drive Church in its mission to glorify God through lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ by:

1.  Communicating and fulfilling the mission of Olive Drive Church

  • Preaching the Gospel in a way that motivates the church to rally around the centrality of Jesus as the ultimate center of our mission
  • Protect and teach Gospel-centered theology
  • Keep the church focused on fulfilling the mission and not straying into many or other facets of ministry
  • Act as one of the primary pastoral representatives of the church with any external groups or individuals

2.  Discipling and leading leaders to equip the Saints

  • Equipping, preparing and developing Biblical elders to fulfill the role of Biblical Elder
  • Calling, equipping, and deploying our more spiritually mature men and women to be investing and discipling our more spiritually immature men and women
  • Providing spiritual leadership and pastoral support to the Board of Elders
  • Providing partnership with the Board of Elders and accountability to the budget and stewardship of our non-cash assets.
  • Responsible for the spiritual health and development of the ODC vocational and lay staff and the ministries they lead

3.  Shepherding the members of ODC

  • Investing in, equipping, and developing small group leadership as well as ministry leadership
  • Qualify new covenant members and hold current ones to their desire to partner together around the mission of the church
  • Developing and holding covenant members to a reconciliation process when conflict arises
  • Participating in the pastoral care of the church body
  • Exercising Church Discipline when necessary
  • Providing/overseeing counseling for members in need
  • Cultivate a church culture that encourages creative ways for each person to use their gifts to help advance the mission of the church
  • Teaching and equipping others in a way that is consistent with Ephesians 4:11-12 where the entire church is used to do the work of the ministry

4.  Leading by example 

  • Lead and Love your family well
  • Practice regular time with God in Prayer and study to keep your faith growing
  • Steward your personal finances, relationships, time and health well
  • Be accountable to other men who help your personal life lead the flock well
  • Cultivating environments where hurts can be shared and reconciliation can be promoted

Consults with:

Board of Elders, Vocational and Lay Team Leaders, Regional Ministry Leaders

Membership Requirements:

The Lead Pastor(s) will be a covenant member in good standing of Olive Drive Church, and as such, will be expected to be a full participant in that membership specifically through:

  • Regular, weekly attendance of a Sunday morning worship service
  • Regular and proportionate financial contributions to the church
  • Active participation in the mission of the church including involvement in a small group community (or actively pursuing small group involvement)
  • Agrees to the Peace Maker’s Pledge and works proactively to resolve conflict with others according to the pledge.

Terms of Employment:

The terms of the Lead Pastor’s employment will be governed by the applicable principles included in ODC’s Constitution.