Olive Drive Church Family Pastor Search Site

We are thankful that God has led you to want to know more about Olive Drive Church and our pursuit of a Family Pastor.  Olive Drive Church recently celebrated our 125 Anniversary and as we move into a new era we are excited about all that God has in front of us.  The hire of our Family Pastor is an important step in building the team we believe we need to help lead ODC into a bright future of glorifying God through lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take your time to prayerfully review this pastor search site and our main website, OliveDriveChurch.com. After your review, if you feel in line with us and excited about what God is doing in and through us as a church and you feel led by the Holy Spirit to pursue our open position of Family Pastor, please submit your resume to us so we can prayerfully review it and get back to you.

Application Instructions:

If you are interested in applying for the Family Pastor position, please follow these instructions to ensure there are no delays in reviewing your submission.

1. Email the Search Committee (Rob Barber, Steve Obert & Julia Pelz)  at searchcommittee@olivedrivechurch.com and attach your resume (.pdf or .doc files are preferred).

2. Be sure to include any links to an online portfolio or resume site that would include sermon and/or writing samples. (If you do not have an online portfolio, please include instructions in your email on how we can access a sample of your preaching or leading that has been recorded).

3. We will only review electronic submissions via email. Please do not send submissions via mail. We will contact you to confirm that we have received your submission and to give you further instructions (if any) on next steps.

If you have questions, or need any help with your submission, please contact us at searchcommittee@olivedrivechurch.com.

by His grace and for His glory

The Family Pastor Search Committee
on behalf of Pastor Joshua Kirstine and our Elders