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What is Covenant Membership?

1. We believe that every Christ follower is a member of the family of God. (Eph 2:19)

2. We also believe that every member of the Body of Christ is to be an active participant in a local church that can be governed and led by a specific group of Elders.  *The Covenant Membership process we are describing here is membership in that local body of believers.

We believe that you are either checking out a church body to see if membership is for you or you are a member of that body of believers.  The Body of Christ does not have members who play the role of attender.  Every member of the Body of Christ is called to a vital responsibility, participation and ministry involvement in the name of Jesus.   Church members are, in a sense, leaders and servants of the church who serve according to their abilities in accordance with Jesus’ command to love God and their neighbor. They must be trained and released to use their spiritual gifts in various ways so that they too are leading the church, behind the elders and deacons, as the priesthood of believers that Scripture speaks of throughout the New Testament.

There are 4 main reasons why Covenant Membership is so important.

  1. Common Ground:  Covenant Membership provides every member with a clear understanding of the mission, vision and core beliefs of that local church body by which they can unify around and commit to carry out.
  2. Commitment: Covenant Membership provides every member with a clear stated covenant to sign and commit to fulfill the priorities and expectations for each participating member.
  3. Accountability: Covenant Membership gives every member a formal avenue by which they can invite that local church body and leadership to hold them accountable to what God has ordained for his children as they walk daily in Christ.
  4. Dependability: Covenant Membership is how the local church body remains dependable by each member using their time, giftedness, and money to help that local church body function in fulfilling their mission, vision and beliefs.

Without common ground, commitment, accountability and dependability a church ceases to effectively and biblically be the missional body of Christ.  Becoming a committed, accountable, dependable part of a local church community is a critical part of God’s design for every follower of Christ.  God’s word reveals to us that a follower of Christ without Gospel Community and authority is like an organ without a body. He/she has no place in which to function and thrive.  By becoming a Covenant Member with us, you become part of a community whereby you can grow and thrive as God intended.  You will experience care, be encouraged in faithfulness, be equipped to serve, and empowered with opportunity.

The ODC Membership Process

Step 1: Membership Class

We hold membership in high regard and want those considering joining the ODC family to make an informed decision about what Covenant Membership involves. By providing a class we are able to cover the essentials of what it means to be a Covenant Member, our basic beliefs and what you should expect from the elders and leaders. You will meet our staff and leaders and learn how to get connected into the various ministries of Olive Drive Church.

The 4 session Membership Class is  offered on Sunday Mornings (9:00-10:30).  If you have to miss a session you can make it up the following time it is offered.

View a copy of the Covenant Agreement

View a copy of our Peacemakers Pledge

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Step 2: Baptism

If you have not yet already been baptized as a believer, Believer’s Baptism is the next step to proceeding toward Covenant Membership.  If you have not been baptized following your salvation, we ask you to take this step of public confession of your faith before becoming a Covenant Member. Before your baptism, we offer a class designed to answer questions concerning this ordinance. The Baptism Class gives you an opportunity to share your testimony, learn about the biblical significance of baptism and walk through frequently asked questions and logistical details of the baptism service.

Read more information about baptism by clicking here.

Step 3: Covenant Affirmation

Once the ODC Member Covenant has been sign and turned in upon the completion of the Membership class, a Covenant Affirmation is held during one of our quarterly All Church worship celebrations. Each potential new member voices his or her hearty “I do” to the Member Covenant and is received by ODC’s congregation during one of these services.

Step 4: Annual Re-affirmation

Once a year we will ask all of our Covenant Members to renew their commitment by reviewing the Member Covenant and filling out a short questionnaire that affirms you are still actively participating and accountable to the commitment you originally made when signing the Member Covenant.  This gives our church an ongoing practice of accountability and encouragement so that each member can remain on mission so that as a church body we live out all that God has called us to be and do for his Glory.