Juvenile Outreach – June 4th

We believe that when the Gospel is alive and at work in our lives it’s producing a group of people whose lives are being radically transformed.  We’ve often taught that the transformed life is one that ENJOYS God, GROWS within community, and LOVES others. 

With so many people now in groups, or on the verge of getting into groups, we believe it is critical that we begin to focus on LOVING Others outside of our church out of an overflow of what God is doing in our lives through the Gospel.

With that in mind, we will be going into the Bakersfield Juvenile Hall facility with Youth For Christ and our own Growling Dog BBQ team on SATURDAY, JUNE 4 to serve them a great lunch, sit and interact with the kids and share with them the Good News of Christ.

What the Day Will Look Like
8:00 Meet at church for Prayer and Instruction
8:30 Carpool to JH
9:00  Check in
9:30  Meet kids and sit and interact with kids while we eat lunch, do a few mixers and hear a message from one of our pastors.
12:00 Carpool back to church to go home

Will you make it a priority to ask the other people in your group or on your ministry team to be praying for this event?