Online Giving FAQs


Q:  Who Should Give Online?

Online giving is simple, quick and easy.  If you have internet access, we suggest you try giving online.  Visit our login page to get started.  Contact us at if you would like help setting up your account.

Q:  Can I set up automatic scheduled (or reoccurring) gifts? 

Yes.  You will need to login in to your ODC Online Profile or you can fill out an Automatic Payment Authorization Form and we will set up your automated giving for you.

Q:  Is Online Giving Secure?

Yes it is! We work with BluePay Processing, LLC a TRUSTe merchant that is PCI Compliant.

Q:   How Would I Be Able To Get A Statement For Tax Purposes?

Members can login to ODC Online to view and/or print their giving records anytime by clicking on the “Financial” tab in their profile.  In addition, we send out giving statements by January 31, for donations made the previous year.  If you have a valid email address, this statement will be emailed to you otherwise it will be mailed to you.

Q:  What If I Want To Cancel Or Change My Online Giving?

No problem.  Just login to your ODC Online Profile, click on the “Financial” tab, and then click the “Stop” button.  You can create a new giving schedule (if you wish) by clicking on the “Give” button.  Also, you may contact the Church Office (661-393-8210) at any time to cancel any future automatic contributions, ask questions, or get help with your online giving.

Q:  Will My Online Gifts Be Included On My Statement Of Contributions?

Yes, they will be included.

Q:  Can I View My Past Giving History Online?

Yes.  Simply login to your ODC Online account and click on the “Financial” tab.

Q:  How Can I Get A Receipt Of My Online Gift?

You may print out your confirmation screen as your receipt, but remember, your gift will appear on your regular statement of contributions as well!


More Financial Giving FAQs


Q:  How Does ODC use my Funds? 

Olive Drive Church is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt organization.  Our Tax ID# is 95-1831052.  All donations to ODC are tax deductible to the extent that no good or services were provided in connection with the donation.  As dictated by the tax codes, all donations are received with the understanding that ODC has complete discretion and control over the use of the funds.

Q:  Can I restrict my gift to a particular project or program? 

By default, donations go into our General Fund.  However, you may request that your gift be used for an approved project or program like the ones listed below.  Other approved projects or programs may arise periodically throughout the year (i.e. Meals for Haiti).

    • Deacon’s Fund
    • Mission’s Fund
    • Scholarship Fund

Q:  Can I restrict my gift to a particular person? 

According to tax codes, a gift restricted to a specific individual constitutes a person-to-person gift and is not tax deductible.  You can restrict your gift for the Deacon’s Fund and suggest it be used to help a specific person but this decision will be made by the Pastors and Elders.

Q:  Do I need to put my offering in a giving envelope? 

If you are giving cash and would like your offering to appear on your giving statement, then yes, please put the cash into a giving envelope and mark it with your giving number (call the church office if you don’t know your giving number) or your name and phone number.  If you are giving by check, there is no need for an envelope but we suggest that you put your giving number on your check’s memo line.

If you would like a set of giving envelopes for the year, please contact the church office and we will provide a set for you.  Giving envelopes are also available in both services.  First service they are in the pews and in second service they are at the giving boxes in the back of the room.

Q:  My Question Is Not Listed Here, Now What?

Please email