We’re going to spend the next 10 weeks walking through Galatians together starting this Sunday, February 6.

Galatians was a letter the apostle Paul wrote to a handful of churches he helped plant in the Roman province of Galatia.  Just like us today, the Galatian Christians were having to deal with a culture that was constantly changing around them, and they were being pressured to redefine their lives through empty religious rituals and traditions.

In the middle of the chaos, Paul wrote what many consider his most poignant and straight forward letter in all of the New Testament.  Paul says that though the times and the culture might change, the Gospel never does.  Shifting cultures and pressures to adhere to empty religion will ultimately fail us if we allow them to be what we look to for life.  Rather, Paul says, as we see the depth of the Gospel – the good news that for His glory God sent Jesus to save us rather than waiting for us to save ourselves – we will find in Jesus a person who has the ability to bring restoration and healing into every aspect of our lives.

From relationships to family, from hope to ambition, from career to wealth – the Gospel truly has the power to redefine everything.

We hope you’ll join us over the next 10 weeks as we walk through Paul’s incredibly relevant letter to the Galatians.