Chris Barnett



Title: Interim Worship Director
Hometown:Bakersfield, Ca


Deeply passionate about: Showing the love of Christ to everyone I come in contact with, my fiance, working with my hands, playing guitar and using the gifts God has given me to further His kingdom.
Loves most about ministry: I love getting to know the people I am around and seeing them grow, learn, and become who God created them to be.
Hope for the future of ODC: My hope and desire for ODC is to continue in the vision that God has given and not grow weary in doing good. To continue partnering with the collective church to further the Kingdom no matter the location, all for the ultimate goal of spreading the Gospel in love through the preaching of His word.
Sports or Arts: In high school and growing up, I loved to play basketball and tennis.  I still enjoy going to the local gym and training just to be fit and get exercise. I love the arts, mainly music.
Movie or Book: When I was younger, books, now that I am old and busy, movies.
Morning or Night: I am a morning person but not by choice.  My career at Braun has me up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning!  This usually doesn’t stop me from going to bed at 11 PM or later.
Cold or Hot: I don’t like the cold because it seems that you can’t get away from it.  I am used to this Bakersfield heat. BRING IT ON! (As long as AC is nearby).
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